Aurelio Balconi

"Our wish when we created ParcelValue was to offer a greater variety of services, more opportunities for their shipments and a customer support at the TOP of the quality. Single interface but also the certainty that shipments remain operationally entrusted to the best international carriers, such as DHL, UPS, TNT. All with the competitive advantage that comes from our resulting purchasing power which is the sum of all our customers.
But our most important investment is in people; since we were born we invest putting the focus on our consulting people ... and 97.5% of our customer's loyalty proves it"

Aurelio Balconi

ParcelValue Managing Director


ParcelValue strongly believes in the centrality of the person as success factor of any business, therefore we believe that the human factor is crucial in creating the added value that distinguishes our service. We work constantly on training to create a professional team, prepared and dedicated and we endorse them so that each one's face the Mission ParcelValue and feels personally involved and participating in realizing the goal of providing, again, the best quality of service possible. What is the most common question that we were asked? Knowing exactly when the shipment will arrive because even those who receive it must be informed....
Then, we started from here because communication today is a must and because more and more the competitiveness of individual companies not only depends from the internal results, but also from the overall performance of the chain in which it operates. Consequently, the inter-company cooperation in the exchange of data and information concerning products that cross the logistical-productive channel is decisive for the value-creation. The development of collaborative relationships allows companies belonging to the same chain to integrate production processes with more flexibility, reduction of operating costs, better customer service and decrease in time-to-market of products and / or services.
In other words the shipment is no more considered as the latest stage of your productive chain, but as the first step of the customer that receives your product.
On the other side the globalization of the markets generates more and more complex Supply Chains, which involve all the world’s contexts, require rapid executions and frequent adaptabilities in order to satisfy the needs of the production chain and to keep the competitiveness of our company independently from our role in the same production chain.
To satisfy these needs means to have the instruments and the information that allow to take the right decision in any moment and to measure its effects too.
We work with the best worldwide carriers and we cherry pick only the best from them, because we know their strengths but also weaknesses. Logistic managers have always known the difficulties that involves the use of multiple carriers since each of them has its own system for the shipping management and its tariff system.
We adopt one of the best management software to extricate ourselves better in the forest's data, because what seems like the better sometimes is not. Areas, dimensional weights and fees; enough to complicate their lives.
But not only that, we constantly monitor "real" performance for each lane around the world to anticipate what will be your needs tomorrow. Ready to seize the best opportunities in the market and in line with the performance, the suppliers basket will be updated without any need on your part to adjust your internal procedures or learn a new system. The result at your eyes will be only one list consisting of a cross compendium of the best of the most couriers without, however, loose your buying power.


Transparency above all: Combining the best of the web technology, a transparent process and a real customer focus, we can help your business:
- ALL INCLUSIVE  prices; no surprises on the invoice
- A single point of contact, a dedicated team that will manage your shipments, to save you time.
- A transparent process that allows you to share the state of it the step by step with your counterparts: customers, suppliers and people within your organization. All with a wide range of options given by our system.
- Automatic receipt of shipping notices and shipment status of any changes affecting their success.
- Proof of Delivery immediately avalaible on your work area.

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