I have already a courier, why should I change it?

We can add the value of your current services by simplifying your work and the activity of your colleagues or trade partners and by offering:

- a single interface
- all the services available
- no system to be installed
- a proactive tracking
- information by e-mail and mobile messages
- a single interface

Can I use ParcelValue to import from a provider or from a customer too?

Yes, you can. You can easily prepare the waybill for your provider or customer and send it by e-mail. 

I refer to my provider’s courier for any import: why should I change it?

If we let our provider choose the courier, we risk not to know exactly its identity, to have difficulties in tracing it and to bear shipping expenses with a limited power of control. In other words we risk to drown in the expenses charged or in the final amount of the invoices, sometimes with nasty surprises.

If you consider what above as relevant elements, you can organize easily with ParcelValue a shipment on your provider’s or customer’s place and to be always guaranteed by ParcelValue service.

And if I organize just a few shipments ....?

It’s not the quantity, but the quality… If you can get the quality of a higher service even with a few shipments, why don’t you do it?

If I send packages only in a specific country, do I need ParcelValue?

We constantly monitor the performances of the couriers in order to offer you the best, always

Do these services cost more?

Absolutely no. Additional services such as e-mail and proactive tracking are already included in the cost of the transport

Who guarantees the quality of the service?

ParcelValue refers to the best known international couriers for its services and ensures in this way the quality of its performance and the safety of your packages.

Why ParcelValue costs less than other companies? Does it offer lesser services?

Thanks to its purchasing power ParcelValue can get higher discounts from the couriers and keep the same standards in all its services. Besides our service is absolutely open and without purchase obligations for the customers

Is it true that there are no purchase obligations?

Yes, it is. After the entry of the data you can just save the shipment planned and view the related cost. In this way you have the possibility to do all the checks you need and to decide to confirm it or not.

I organized a shipment with ParcelValue, but the courier who arrived was the same I used before

For any shipment ParcelValue selects the courier who offers the best result comparing price and performance for any specific route. The courier is selected among all the couriers of the market and with whom ParcelValue has made an agreement. Therefore it is possible that the courier selected is the same the customer previously chose.

Why should I sign a contract if the shipment does not include a purchase obligation?

The contract is fundamental for the customer to be registered in our website and to be sent the code and the password for the first login, as well as to be informed about the contractual clauses concerning the shipments

Can I ask the refund of the shipping expenses?

Yes, you can. You can ask the refund of the shipment as defined in the confirmation order.

Why do I not receive a fixed price list?

In order to improve our services, ParcelValue constantly updates its offer both to propose lower costs and to make them be in line with the real couriers’ performances. ParcelValue can give a price list of reference, which can be however subjected to changes during the year.

Why doesn’t ParcelValue offer direct sales?

We have decided to charge the couriers that have been operating on the area for years with the sales, in order to be closer to our customers.