More and more frequently the competitiveness of a company does not only depend on internal results, but also on the global performances of the network of companies in which it operates.

It is easy to notice that every function of a company, from the productive to the financial one, are influenced by events happening outside the same company and by the performance of its trade partners, customers and providers.

Therefore the collaboration among companies in exchanging data and information on the products of their logistical/productive channel is indispensable for the development of their value.

The promotion of collaborative relations allows the companies of the same production chain to:

- integrate their productive processes;

- increase their flexibility;

- reduce managing costs;

- improve the services to the customer;

- reduce the time of introduction in the market of products/services ("time to market").

On the other side the globalization of the markets generates more and more complex Supply Chains, which involve all the world’s contexts, require rapid executions and frequent adaptabilities in order to satisfy the needs of the production chain and to keep the competitiveness of our company independently from our role in the same production chain.To satisfy these needs means to have the instruments and the information that allow to take the right decision in any moment and to measure its effects too.

The concept of the importance and of the power of the information and of the rapidity through which these information are transferred and shared in the Supply Chain is an increasing relevant value. It is easy to understand that in this context we cannot consider a shipment as a pure concrete action.

We must underline its importance for the supplying of pre- and post-sales services included in the final value of the product (customer service, management of returned goods, collection of information on the product) and for the optimization of any reverse logistical operation.

In other words the shipment is no more considered as the latest stage of your productive chain, but as the first step of the customer that receives your product.

What above mentioned becomes more and more important in the "time sensitive" or "time definite" shipments, in which time has not only a value but also a cost and in which the positive performance of the shipment can become the key of the success for your company.

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