Constantly we enrich our offer with new services included in the price and apply to all Clients economic improvements
The loyalty of our customers is key to the achievement of our goals.
The first advantage is that this allows us to increase our purchasing power and then re-negotiate increasingly better rates with the courier; the reduction is immediately transmitted to our customers as reducing costs
We can renegotiate the fees charged by our suppliers
And any further discount obtained
If it increases the number of our clients
Results in a decrease in the cost of shipping for our customers!
and this applies to all our customers, whether old or new, whether small or large companies.
But not only, at no additional cost we continue to add new services that others charge, technological improvements of the system, customized according to customer needs.
From 2013, in addition to system innovations, we introduced 8 new services for customers, 7 transport services, and made more than 10 cost reductions in our price lists
All this represents a value in the time that guarantees all customers to always have the treatment provided by the offer more recently, where the best economic conditions adopted a new offer are applied immediately to both new Customers to the already active customers.
Also new services are always made availbale to new customers and for the already active customers
An offer strictly "all inclusive" for a transparency without regard.
Even the reporting services we offer to our customers are focused on reducing administrative tasks, increase their productivity and to produce useful information.
All new services, before being made available, are subject to verification and reliability testing at our development sites in Singapore and Switzerland.
We continue to develop new services included and / or optional to increase the overall efficiency.

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